Why can we not find cheap Chinese scooters in Paris?

FORUM D’ÉCHANGECatégorie: QuestionsWhy can we not find cheap Chinese scooters in Paris?
philippe mihailovich demandée il y a 2 années

Sorry that I cannot write in French but as Olivier Blond speaks good English, I hope he will read this. In China we only see electric scooters and they only cost 100 Euros and many are from Sunshine brand. In Paris they can cost 7000 Euros and the city offers 1000 euros but it is still too expensive. Is it to protect French industry or retard growth of an important sector? 
A second point, under Bertrand Delanoe, Paris changed many streets into one way and opposite ways to block use  of side streets. This has caused enormous traffic congestion. I am now finding myself spending MORE time on the roads and creating more pollution but no-one is blaming the Marie for causing more pollution!
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